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When in need of fast, dependable mobile truck repair in San Jose, call San Jose Mobile Truck Repair.

Now that’s pretty straightforward, but considering we’re a no-nonsense truck repair service, straightforward works best. We’ve provided years of assistance to truck drivers just like you, and we’re confident that we can help get you back on the road in no time.

Here’s a look at some of the services we offer:

  • Tire repair and replacement
  • Engine diagnostics and repairs
  • Brake maintenance and repairs
  • Electrical system diagnostics and repairs
  • Diesel engine service and repair
  • Fuel system service and repairs

If your truck needs repair and you don’t have time to take it in for service, call San Jose Mobile Truck Repair. We’ll come to you–not the other way around. And in most cases we can get your truck running again right there on the spot.

Give us a call at (408) 583-5281 to learn more about our services.

A Populous City That’s Hard To Drive In

San Jose Mobile Truck Repair knows the last thing you need on a busy day in San Jose is for your truck to break down. The good news is, our truck repair services can help you avoid that. But even with our help, San Jose can be a challenging place to drive.

The city is home to more than a million people, and as you might expect, that means a lot of traffic. Add in the fact that the roads are narrow and winding in many parts of the city, and you’ve got a recipe for a frustrating driving experience.

But don’t worry–San Jose Mobile Truck Repair is here to help. We know the ins and outs of San Jose’s roads, and we’ll get to you fast with all the tools needed for quick repairs.

Engine Diagnostics And Repairs

One of the most common truck repair issues is engine trouble. It can be caused by a wide variety of factors, from a faulty sensor to a blown gasket. But no matter what the cause, engine trouble can put a serious damper on your day.

That’s where San Jose Mobile Truck Repair comes in. We offer comprehensive engine diagnostics and repairs, and we’ll work quickly to get your engine running like new again.


One of the most important parts of your truck is the brake system. If your brakes aren’t working properly, you’re not going to get very far (or rather, you’ll go much, much further than you expected!). That’s why it’s important to keep them in good condition.

San Jose Mobile Truck Repair can help with that. We offer brake maintenance and repairs, and we’ll make sure your brakes are in good working order before you hit the road.

Electrical System

The electrical system is another critical component of your truck. If something goes wrong, it can cause all sorts of problems–from engine trouble to a dead battery.

San Jose Mobile Truck Repair offers electrical system diagnostics and repairs, so we can help you get to the bottom of the problem and get it fixed quickly.

Diesel Engine Service and Repair

Petrol engines combine air and fuel before the spark takes place. Diesel engines compress the air first, then add the fuel.

Diesel engines provide better fuel efficiency and performance, but just like petrol machines, require regular maintenance.

If you have a diesel engine, San Jose Mobile Truck Repair won’t shy away. We offer diesel engine service and repair. In no time at all, your truck’s exhaust will be growling like a lion one more. 

Fuel System

The fuel system is responsible for delivering fuel from the tank to the engine. It’s a complex system, and if there’s a problem with it, your truck isn’t going to run very well (or at all).

San Jose Mobile Truck Repair can help you with that. We offer fuel system service and repairs, so we can get your truck running like new again. We fix:

  • Carburetors/fuel injectors
  • Air flow sensors
  • Idle air control
  • Fuel filters

And a whole lot more. For a complete showing of our expertise, give us a call today.

Tire Repair And Replacement

Your truck’s tires are essential for getting around San Jose. They provide traction and stability on the city’s winding roads, and they’re also responsible for absorbing shocks from bumps and potholes.

If you need tire repair or replacement, San Jose Mobile Truck Repair can help. We offer a wide range of tire services, from repairs to replacements. We also carry a wide range of tires, so we can find the perfect set for your truck.

Wheel Alignment

If your truck’s wheels aren’t aligned correctly, it can cause all sorts of problems. The most common symptom is uneven tire wear, but you might also experience poor handling and increased fuel consumption.

San Jose Mobile Truck Repair offers wheel alignment services to make sure your truck is running smoothly. We’ll adjust the angles of your wheels so they’re perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. This will improve your truck’s handling and fuel efficiency.

These are just a few of the many services we offer at San Jose Mobile Truck Repair. So if you ever find yourself in a big jam on a busy freeway, call the experts at (408) 583-5281.

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